Letter: WDL Publisher Scott Brooks is a condescending, pious, belligerent little fellow

To the Editor:

I read his (Waxahachie Daily Light publisher Scott Brooks) little piece (published Sunday, August 16, 2015), twice. I thought surely the publisher isn't saying he is going to control the news by only allowing what he considers worthy to be published.

Surely he didn't say he would be so biased as to deny opposing opinions in his paper to prevent the free flow of public opinion.

Surely he understands the very same First Amendment that guarantees his freedom of the press also guarantees freedom of speech... and it wasn't designed to protect popular speech, it was designed to protect unpopular speech.

Surely he didn't engage in school yard antics and threaten to take his ball and go home... did he?

Let's compare Mr. Whiney britches with the following:

1. Control over the public appearance of the regime, also obtained with the deletion of any content that could allow opposition, suspects, or doubts on the government.

2. Constant check of the public opinion as a measuring instrument of consensus.

3. Creation of national and local archives (schedatura) in which each citizen was filed and classified depending on his ideas, his habits, his relationship and his eventual shameful acts or situations; in this sense, censorship was used as an instrument for the creation of a state of police.

The above was Mussolini's Fascist Italy... or the Publisher's world. They appear to hold the same intent to control opinion.

What a condescending, pious, belligerent little fellow. Punks like him who threaten to limit, restrict, and eliminate opposing views in the press are an insult to journalism.

Good thing he wasn't around when those radical colonist were spewing their poison about old King George, eh?

Maybe he can burn a few books that he disagrees with also.

— Rodney Ramsey