LETTER: On County Commissioner race, Pct 3

To the Editor:

Response to Political Questions and Answers and the IX Commandment.

“Thou shalt not give false witness against your neighbor”

This means to me do not lie in court and do not lie, period. Which includes by omission, defined as the intentional failure to tell the truth in a situation requiring disclosure.

A while back Ellis County Citizen asked Candidates in contested races questions as the Daily Light has now done. Mr. Sanchez did not answer the Ellis County Citizen questions (and that’s his prerogative) but his reply was if you want to know, look it up yourself. Some of us took him up on that offer.

Mr. Sanchez did choose to answer the Daily Light questions. After doing as he said and looking for ourselves and pulling many documents, I take issue relating to the answer to Question #7 which was:

“Have you ever filed for bankruptcy and/or faced legal action for failure to pay taxes? If yes, please explain.”

In his answer, he describes a single Business Bankruptcy in 1986 that caused some tax liabilities that took several years to pay off. The omission not being told is that there are other IRS Tax Liens and Judgements, besides his bankrupt business and at least two IRS Liens in 2004 on him personally that are filed in Ellis county clerk’s office and tied to his current address where he resides.

There are many important values in society, but society cannot survive contempt for truth inside or outside a courtroom.

Interestingly the Ellis County Appraisal District shows he owns No Real Property in Ellis County since 2004, therefore unlike me and you and many other who own property he has not and will not be contributing to the ad valorem tax base that he wants to so desperately spend as County Commissioner. For us, that’s a deal breaker!

The disingenuous statements or just plain lack of knowledge I read in social and print media about Mr. Perry’s job as county Commissioner, the state of the roads, budget spending etc. Is more proof of Mr. Sanchez’s inability to do, understand and comprehend the Job of a County Commissioner and all its requirements.

We drive Pct. 3 roads daily and the roads are better than they have ever been since 1986 when I purchased my property and moved from Midlothian to Pct. 3.

— Noel & Mariah Coward, Ellis County, Precinct #3