Letter: In response to Scott Brooks of the WDL – Enough IS Enough

To the Editor:

I was shocked on the Monday after a nasty column was written (by Waxahachie Daily Light Publisher Scott Brooks), July 13, 2015, about some local Global students. I do however have some questions for the author of the said column.

If you admire his courage and wish more people had it why did you write that column to degrade him and the people involved? This was not a misrepresentation, any student from Global is an excellent representation. As for the inaccuracies, the students involved provided numerous facts and proved the facts. Maybe our mentality wouldn't be so "David and Goliath" if people opened their eyes instead of being stupid and turning a blind eye. It is clear that your article was biased, in favor of Waxahachie High School. It's sad when the students notice the negligence that Global has been faced with.

The school is by far different from WHS, so why is it being compared as if the distinction didn't exist? We're partnered with Navarro and UT Tyler. We are an early college high school and is nationally recognized. Waxahachie High School is locally known and college courses can only be taken upon request. The only obvious similarity between the two schools is that they are both essentially high schools. Students at Global want to be there and even applied to be there whereas students at Waxahachie High School are required by law to be there. So you're saying that Waxahachie High School can provide the same opportunities that Global can? Don't kid yourself when I just provided facts to prove that are not.

Why should it be the responsibility of a university we partner with to get us the materials we need? The only thing we want is to be financially treated equally. The district puts the athletic department over academics for as long as anyone can remember. I've dug up any information I could get my hands on. How many occasions has one of the school in the district needed supplies for their success but were denied because the athletic department needed new supplies. Ever heard of the "No Pass, No Play" law? Well, how are the students supposed to pass if they don't have the materials they need? It isn't just Global being financially denied, it's other departments within the district, besides the Athletic department obviously.

If anyone, the Snook's were mistreated. Why else would they spontaneously decide to leave the district and transfer to West? They've invested too much time and energy into the school to give it all up. I was always told in school a fact is a fact and an opinion is nothing but an opinion and should never hold weight over a fact. Here's the rub – and check it out if you like – facts will always be facts and you cannot change them no matter what you do. Maybe before writing such childish columns you should look into the matter and dive in deep.

We are being oppressed for standing up for what we believe in and we won't take it any longer. You expect us to act like adults but treat us like children when we stand up for what we believe in. What are you going to cover that up with? This "ill-tempered" approach was the only way we could get the attention of someone of authority.

Every human means something to someone and everyone has value. More and more people are becoming concerned with this issue so do not try to dim the light that has been shining for far longer than your column was written because your efforts are useless. That light will become a fire and you will only be the oxygen to fuel it. The conclusions won't be positive until we see change that is obvious.

Do not reduce our problems to nothing. Let this be a warning that if you mess with one fellow Global student, you mess with them all and we will defend each other until the end.

The sky is not blue. It is merely a reflection of the sea.

— Maddie Littlejohn