For Matt Authier WISD Trustee

To the Editor,

I hope this message finds the good folks of Waxahachie doing well. Recently I was asked what I thought of Matt Authier running for Waxahachie Independent School District Board of Trustees and it prompted me to send you this letter.

I have had the good fortune of calling Matt my friend and hope you get that same opportunity someday. I wish I could snap my fingers and show you the burning desire he has to serve the kids, administration and voters of WISD.

I also wish I could snap my fingers and show you how he is wicked-smart. He holds a BBA in Accounting, MS in Finance (both from Texas A&M) and he is a licensed CPA.

I know I can't snap my fingers and show you anything about Matt, but I hope you get the point.

I guess what I'm trying to convey is that I can't think of a more qualified person to represent the people of Waxahachie on the WISD Board of Trustees.

I'm not one who typically writes letters to the editor, but Matt has that "it" quality about him. I was at a breakfast with Matt a few weeks ago and one of the other guys at our table said "man, your desire to do this [run for WISD trustee] is infections."

That is why I feel compelled to publicly support Matt. With that said, I gladly support Matt Authier for Waxahachie Board of Trustees. Get out and vote Waxahachie!

— Kyle Beller