For Matt Authier WISD Trustee

To the Editor,

As the WISD Board of Trustees election draws near, we must make some important choices as for whom we vote. As Waxahachie continues to grow and develop at a very rapid pace, so does the WISD population of students. It is crucial, therefore, that we elect those candidates who have the abilities to guide us in the best direction.

It is for those reasons that I plan to vote for Matt Authier to serve on the Waxahachie Independent School District Board of Trustees. Matt represents a younger generation of citizens who will have children in the school system for years to come. In one on one discussions with Matt, it is evident that he has many new, progressive and fresh ideas for enhancing the education program of our school district. Matt attends the School Board meetings regularly in order to know the issues within our District. He will lead the way toward establishing the WISD as not only the best school system in Ellis County but also in the state.

For the benefit of our local schools, I heartily encourage you to join me in voting FOR Matt Authier in the upcoming May 9 WISD Board of Trustees election.

— Edwin (Ed) Farrar, Waxahachie