For Matt Authier WISD Trustee

To the Editor,

We are convinced that there is no better candidate for WISD Trustee than Matt Authier. When it comes to the qualities that you look for in a School Board member: Vision, Integrity, Accountability and Compassion, Matt has it all.

Growing up in Corsicana, Matt has an appreciation for small town values. While in high school, he balanced academics, sports and was instrumental in forming a County-wide Youth Group at his Church. Somewhere along the way, Matt caught a spark that gave him the vision of a life to serve others.

Commitment and a strong work ethic comes naturally to Matt. While paying his way through college at A&M, where he earned a Masters in Finance, he somehow found time to commute back to his hometown to lead the same Youth Group that he helped form. This not only shows his commitment to youth, but also showcases his leadership and integrity. We have personally served with Matt on Mission and Finance committees at our church, and can attest to his honesty, compassion and desire to seek the best solution in all endeavors.

The WISD has many challenges in the next three years. Growth poses questions about our facilities, but also about the quality of our programs and opportunities. Matt has been a part of the long-range planning committee and has been present at all Board meetings since. Matt expended a lot of personal time and effort for no other reason than to help others find the best solution to complicated issues. The fact that he is now running for a position on the Board shows that he sees a vision for the future of WISD and is committed to seeing it through.

Visions are great, but without accountability, they are mainly dreams. In his career as a CPA, Matt has spent time auditing School Districts in our area. This experience gives him insight as to how the finances of a school district are supposed to work, and what control systems should be in place to ensure our tax dollars are spent in a judicial and responsible manner. We do not see any other candidate that comes close to matching this critical experience.

A vote for Matt Authier is a vote for the future of our children and our community. Matt is not a rubberstamp committee member. His disposition is one that takes in the facts and asks questions to discern what is right. We are confident that WISD needs the addition of a Trustee the quality of Matt Authier. Please join us in placing your vote for Authier.

— Brent, Letitia and Emily Rutan - Waxahachie ISD Voters