EDITORIAL: Our letter to Waxahachie Daily Light Publisher Scott Brooks; here’s your attention

This is a letter Ellis County Citizen Publisher Dave Vance sent to Waxahachie Daily Light Publisher Scott Brooks.

Scott Brooks,

I think you and I need to have a conversation. As you may, or may not know, the WDL has had a lot of trust issues within the community over the past few years.

As you probably know, I launched an online newspaper called Ellis County Citizen earlier this year and my social media numbers are staying right in line with the WDL's and sometimes exceeding the WDL's numbers with my page making half the posts and having 5,000 less followers.

This is because of my honesty and strong focus on reporting rather than commentating.

I created my online newspaper because of a mass outpouring of requests to return honor and honesty to journalism here within the county. My venture, it wasn't even a venture, started out as me being an activist and it transformed into a legitimate news source out of requests from the community.

There's a reason why my online newspaper is now the second-largest followed local media outlet in the county. It is because I put my biases aside and report the facts. I have been doing this part-time and my numbers are staggering with growth continuing on a daily basis.

It is also because the WDL is failing, in part by your desire to turn the WDL into a controversial editorial paper.

Sure, your failings sounds like great news for me, but I DO NOT want the WDL to fail nor do I want any of our other local media to fail. Each of our local media provides a beneficial and different service to our community.

The WDL used to be of great service to the community, but it has now become a laughing stock of half the community. Yes, literally half of the community.

Why on earth would you launch a weekly editorial criticizing a large portion of the community, including school children, who exercise their right to criticize and petition their local government and school district officials?

Why on earth would you admit to a continued attack on these individuals unless they sit down and talk with you? What do they owe you? Absolutely nothing; you have been a biased source since their introduction and have ignored their concerns. By the way, some have talked with you and with your staff, but they still got treated like dirt by you in your editorial. You are not God and they owe you absolutely NOTHING.

I'm going to give you a piece of advise:


If you have forgotten what gave birth to the media, it was to question our elected officials and government. That is exactly why we have the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

For you to turn your back on your duty as a member of the media and instead spill your filth to criticize members of this community is unforgivable.

Yes, I read, and am aware of, a resident's call into one of your advertisers stating the individual will no longer do business with your advertiser so as long as they advertise in the WDL.

I disagree with this individual's decision because I do not believe our local businesses should suffer because of their choice to advertise with a media outlet that reaches the largest number of potential customers.

However, I, personally, have encouraged people to contact the CEO of GateHouse Media and demand you be assigned to a position elsewhere. You need to leave; you are not welcome here unless you change.

Your work history shows you may be an expert at marketing, but have very little experience at being a publisher.

If your goal is to sell newspapers, it appears you are trying to do so by criticizing a large portion of the community. Your tactics are NOT working.

However, if your attempt is to gain media attention from other respectful media outlets, HERE'S YOUR ATTENTION!

We, the Ellis County Citizen, will no longer allow you to disrespect our community or our residents in the way you have been. We have blood and tears in this community and you do NOT dare come in and tell us what we should and should not be doing.

We respectfully request you either change your attitude or move on.


Dave Vance
Publisher / Ellis County Citizen