Letter: Federal overreach

To the Editor,

Leaders Must Lead. Texas Must Lead.

Our America Republic is in serious trouble. The career politicians in Washington DC are leading us down the primrose path. Both political parties and the president are responsible for the out of control spending and kicking the can down the road. Right now that equals over $150,000 of debt per taxpayer. Something must be done to correct this egregious abuse. If it is to happen, it must be the states to lead. Texas leaders must lead.

Congratulations and kudos to Tyler’s own Representative James White for introducing HB 1109; this is true leadership on parade. This legislation, when passed, will enjoin Texas with the other states and lead America back from the brink. The compact for a balanced budget amendment at the federal level, with three-quarters of the several states agreeing will make it clear to the big government Republicans as well as the liberal Democrats that the states will not be ignored any longer. This BBA is simple, does not empower the congress to spend a certain percentage of GDP, it simply states that the government can’t spend more than it takes from us.

Washington will be put on a leash; the states will take a bigger role. The states will have to be notified and permission will have to be granted for the debt to be increased past the set point on the day of ratification. This is a good thing that the career politician will not agree with or support. This is why the true leaders from the states must lead. Texas must lead.

The actual legislation is available by clicking this link.

— Bill Carson (Midlothian, TX)