Midlothian PD warns that fake clown reports could be a crime

Photo courtesy Midlothian P

MIDLOTHIAN — Midlothian Police Department issued a press release discouraging people from making fake clown reports and stating that some fake reports could be a crime.

The press release states:

"A social media hoax circulated nationwide alleging that people in clown costumes would harm students or teachers. The rumor affected campuses in multiple districts across the country. The Midlothian Police Department is in constant contact with Midlothian Independent School District.

We are investigating all possible leads into any possible threats of this nature. So far there is no evidence that this is a credible threat. School campuses are continuing as usual. As a precautionary measure we have added additional patrols around the schools in addition to the School Resource Officer program.

These kinds of Internet hoaxes are designed to disrupt normal operations and instill unnecessary fear. Please keep in mind that what some may think of as a social media prank can actually be a crime, so students are strongly urged not to create or disseminate fake "clown" accounts, particularly of a threatening nature."