Midlothian to change water disinfectant near Feb. 1

MIDLOTHIAN — On or about February 1, 2016, the City of Midlothian Water Treatment Plant will change disinfectants and convert from chloramines to free chlorine.

This change is intended to benefit water customers by reducing the levels of disinfection byproducts (DBP’s) in the system, while still providing protection against waterborne diseases. On or about February 26, the plant will return to its normal chloramine disinfectant process.

The change to free chlorine and back to chloramines may cause problems to persons dependent on dialysis machines. Consequently, patients should notify their doctors of water disinfectant changes. Medical facilities should also determine if additional precautions are required for other medical equipment.

In addition, changes in chlorinated water may affect fish. A change to the treatment of fish tanks may be necessary to verify neutralization of disinfectants.

Some people may notice a slight difference in taste, but the City of Midlothian assures residents that the superior quality and safety of the drinking water supplied by the City of Midlothian will not be affected. Residents with questions or concerns should contact Tim Walker, Water Plant Manager, at 972-775-6663.