City of Ferris correcting chlorine levels in water

FERRIS — The City of Ferris has identified and corrected a problem with the City’s water treatment system regarding chlorine levels.

"The water had a strong smell of chlorine," Ferris City Manager Bill Jordan said.

"Chlorine is used to treat the City’s water, and must be maintained at a minimum level throughout the system to ensure water safety. We were notified around 8 a.m. this morning that there was a smell of chlorine in the water; we immediately checked our wells and found that the chlorinator had malfunctioned at the Downtown Well," Ferris Community Development Director Scott Metcalfe said.

"After finding this we isolated the water at the well and flushed the system to remove any excessive amount of chlorine from the water lines."

"All water chlorine levels have been restored to normal conditions as of 9:30 a.m. this morning. This malfunction has unfortunately come at the same time we are issuing notifications about fluoride levels; leading to some confusion," Jordan said.

"The fluoride and chlorine levels are two separate issues. You will not experience a strong taste or smell issue with fluoride. Water customers can expect the strong chlorine odor to be completely gone within 24 hours, however, until the fluoride levels are reduced customers should still seek alternative water sources for drinking or cooking for children under 9 years of age."

Any questions about the City’s water quality should be directed to the City of Ferris at 972-544-2110 or 972-842-2752.