Letter: On the WISD bond

To the Editor,

Over the past few months I have watched this bond take form in the same way you would watch a neighbor getting ready for a garage sale — Gee, that couch looks great and I could sure use a new one! And they are selling their robot vacuum? I would LOVE that! But, I really don’t NEED that. And, I hate to say it, but their Aunt Vivienne’s collection of porcelain pigs is just useless.

So imagine my surprise when I go over on the day of the sale and find out in order to get the couch, I would have to buy the ENTIRE garage!

This is essentially what the school board did when they approved the bond as one large package. It has some great features, but it also has unnecessary and useless features as well.

Over the past week it has become obvious to many that this bond has serious flaws. I would think the majority of taxpayers would want to vote NO and wait for a better bond, or at least propositions, in November.

I really was shocked, when the "YES" signs began popping up all over town. High-profile groups in Waxahachie, politicians, and especially people with money, are promoting this bond as a good ECONOMIC choice.

While I understand that Waxahachie, like any other town, needs a good economy, shouldn't the bond be first and foremost the best EDUCATIONAL choice? It is Spring and the "YES" signs are popping up like bluebonnets all over town. Are we a Stepford town? Are we drinking the KoolAid?

Are we going to be swayed to vote YES because those with money, who stand to make money, are financing this campaign?

Money doesn’t buy votes; it buys signs. Those of us with limited means, who would otherwise be campaigning with pricey "NO" signs, will be out at 5 o'clock today in front of Taco Cabana trying to raise awareness for reasons to vote "NO" on the bond. I hope others will join us.

There are those who will look at our homemade signs and call us crazy. We are not crazy. We are taxpayers, we are citizens, and first and foremost in this particular election, we are parents.

— Sandi Stoughton Perry, Waxahachie