Ennis issues mosquito alert

ENNIS — The City of Ennis has issued the following Public Health Alert:

This is a Public Health Alert concerning Mosquitoes in our community. With the recent rains and warm weather patterns we have seen an increase in the number of mosquitoes testing positive for the West Nile Virus. The City began spraying for mosquitoes several weeks ago and will continue for as long as positive West Nile samples are identified.

Although there have been no human cases reported, the City is urging residents to take precautions by preventing mosquito bites.

The best way to avoid becoming infected with the West Nile virus or other mosquito related illnesses is to remember the "Four D's": Defend, Dress, Dusk to Dawn, and Drain:

Defend yourself by applying an approved mosquito repellent (following the label instructions). Spray exposed skin and clothing with repellent.

Dress in long sleeves and long pants when you are outside.

Stay indoors from the period of dusk through dawn, times when infected mosquitoes are most active.

Drain standing water in your yard; old tires, flower pots and clogged rain gutters are mosquito breeding sites.

Also very important to be sure that doors and window are sealed properly and that screens are in place to protect your home from intruding mosquitoes.

The City of Ennis cares about your safety!

Visit the City of Ennis website at www.ennistx.gov for more information.