Representative John Wray announces campaign for re-election

John Wray laying out his first bill during his first term as a Texas State Representative in 2015.

ELLIS COUNTY — After one of the most successful legislative sessions in recent history, State Representative John Wray (R-Waxahachie) today announced that he will seek re-election. Wray currently serves House District 10, which covers Ellis County and part of Henderson County.

During his first campaign, Wray promised his constituents that he would travel to Austin to fight for key conservative principles: a balanced state budget, heightened investment in border security, and a committed effort to protect and defend 2nd Amendment rights. John has delivered on all three promises and more.

A successful small business owner, Wray was proud to support a balanced budget that upheld conservative principles and ensured our taxpayer dollars are well managed and invested with taxpayers in mind.

"I am proud of our conservative achievements this session," said Wray. "We passed a balanced budget, cut $3.8 billion in property and franchise taxes, advanced gun rights by passing open and campus carry, and protected precious unborn life every step of the way. I'm excited and ready to keep moving our conservative values forward."

This session, Wray supported the "Stronger Border, Safer Texas Act," which strengthens the presence of DPS Troopers on the border, hinders the activity of the cartels, and establishes a team of investigators to aid police forces in cracking down on crime syndicates wherever they operate.

Wray, a lifetime member of the NRA, is a proud defender of 2nd Amendment rights and an adamant conservative voice in Austin. This session, Wray co-authored the bill that permits licensed individuals to openly carry handguns.

Wray had a successful first term as your State Representative, but he believes there is more work to be done to further improve and protect the conservative way of life.

Wray is a graduate of Texas A&M University and the University of Texas School of Law. He is an attorney serving small businesses and families in Ellis County. John also co-owns a small title company in Ellis County. John and his wife, Michele, have two children, Morgan and Patrick. They attend First United Methodist Church.