2015 WISD Trustee Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Seven candidates are vying for three Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustee positions for the May 9 election.

Seven candidates are vying for a place on the Waxahachie Independent School District Board of Trustees. Voters will take to the polls on May 9 to cast a ballot for their preferred choices to fill three of seven seats that are up for election.

Matt Authier, Shannon Moyers, Clay Schoolfield, Theresa Smithey and James Villarreal are looking to unseat incumbents Gary Fox and Joe Langley, who both are running for re-election. A third seat is up for grabs as Mark Price, elected in 2003, chose not to seek re-election.

Fox was elected in 2009 and is seeking his third term. Langley was elected in 2000 and is seeking his sixth term.

Get to know each candidate by reviewing their responses to several questions posed by Ellis County Citizen. Compare the responses of each candidate to each question below or click on a candidate's name above to view an individual candidate's responses to all questions on one page.

Election day voting will be held on Saturday, May 9 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Marvin Elementary located at 110 Brown Street.

Early Voting will take place Monday, April 27 through Tuesday, May 5 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the WISD Administration building located at 411 N. Gibson.

Residents who are not registered to vote must do so by April 9. Contact the Ellis County Registration Office at 972-923-5195 for information about registering.

Candidate questionnaire responses

1) What personal background information would you like to share with voters, such as your family, hobbies, personality, etc?

2) What professional experience, community service and other qualifications do you have that would make you an effective trustee?

3) Do you currently have any children attending a WISD school or have you had any children attend a WISD school in the past and how long ago was it?

4) How long have you lived in Waxahachie?

5) What reasons made you decide to run for the Waxahachie ISD school board?

6) What experience do you have with complicated budgets?

7) In your view, what has the district done well over the last five years? What has the district done poorly that you would change?

8) If elected as a trustee, what do you plan to accomplish while serving the district?

9) What do you feel are the top three issues facing WISD and what will you do as a trustee to address those issues?

10) What are the factors on which you will base your decisions as a school board member?

11) If a parent or principal comes to you regarding, for example, a maintenance issue at a particular campus or a situation involving a particular teacher, how do you see your role as a school board member in resolving the issue?

12) What are your thoughts on the current WISD outstanding debt principal? According to WISD, the district currently has $115,092,535 in outstanding debt principal that represents debts from the 1997 bond issue through 2013 refunding bonds issued. Future repayment obligations through 2037 call for $131,375,577 in interest payments resulting in total payments of $246,468,111.
(Source: http://www.wisd.org/default.aspx?name=BUS_Debt)

13) Voters approved two bonds in March 2010 totaling $28,120,000 thus resulting in a property tax increase of 6.9 cents per $100 of assessed value.
(Source: http://www.wisd.org/docs/1-Bond%20Brochure%20color.pdf)

13a) What is your opinion of the 2010 Proposition One bond referendum? This bond totaled $22,175,000 and was used to renovate the softball field at WHS, renovations to Richards Park, renovations at the district's baseball complex and renovations and expansions to Lumpkins Stadium. Of the total bond amount, $20,139,780 was for Lumpkins Stadium alone. This resulted in a property tax increase of 4.4 cents per $100 of assessed value. This bond passed with a narrow margin of 78 votes: 1,042 FOR and 964 AGAINST.

13b) What is your opinion of the 2010 Proposition Two bond referendum? This bond totaled $5,945,000 and was used for campus renovations to 11 of the district's 13 school facilities. The impact on the property tax rate was 2.5 cents. This bond passed by a margin of 750 votes: 1,372 FOR and 622 AGAINST.

14) What is your opinion on the $125 million bond referendum the WISD board members recently called that will result in a property tax increase of 12.5 cents per $100 of assessed value if passed by voters? Are you for or against the bond and what are the reasons behind your position?

15) Is there any additional information that you feel voters should know about you?