Public calls for Ellis County Commissioner Robinson’s resignation

WAXAHACHIE — Ellis County resident Harlon Bounds and many other residents across Ellis County have begun to publicly call for Ellis County Precinct 1 Commissioner Dennis Robinson to resign after two recent controversial incidents.

"In light of recent events, I'm hoping more Ellis County residents join me in calling for his resignation," Bounds said.

"His actions are shameful and do not represent the attitudes or feelings of Ellis County residents."

Robinson's statements to Ellis County Treasurer Cheryl Chambers during a Dec. 8 Ellis County Commissioners' Court meeting quickly raised eyebrows.

"I'm not big on just, you know, doing everything the State or Federal Government tells me to do. I'd rather use my own commonsense and decision and wait until they tell me no you can't do it before I just say well I'm not going to do it because," Robinson said to Chambers after she advised the court that state law may preclude her from using a private, third-party courier service to deposit funds into the bank.

"When I took my oath of office, I swore that I would follow the law and so that's what I'm trying to do," Chambers responded.

Public outrage at Robinson continued to mount after video surfaced of Robinson being disrespectful to a Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy and attempting to use his elected official title to avoid two traffic citations during what appears to be a November traffic stop.

"I'm an Ellis County Commissioner. I guess if you don't have nothing better to do," Robinson said to Deputy Keven George after George presented the citations.

"I'm a county commissioner and I know we don't write tickets," Robinson continued.

Robinson remained defiant as George repeatedly directed Robinson to sign the citations.

"I'll do what I wanna do," Robinson is heard telling the deputy.

George remained calm as Robinson continued to hurl comments.

"You can keep running your mouth sir. Everything is on a recording so have a wonderful day," the deputy concluded.

Public response has been swift after the publication of the video. Over 47,000 people have read the original article on the Ellis County Right to Know Facebook page and over 11,000 readers watched the video.

"What a great way to represent Ellis County. That is shameful," wrote an attorney living and practicing in Ellis County.

"He should step down. Or the people of Ellis County should demand he leave," wrote one Maypearl resident.

A Waxahachie resident wrote, "He needs to resign immediately."

"Once again the citizens of Ellis County are embarrassed by the actions of an elected official. I agree Commissioner Robinson should resign, but if he does not we citizens do have the right when he is up for reelection to vote him out of office," wrote another concerned Ellis County resident.

Bounds is hoping the public remains steadfast on demanding Robinson resign from office.

"Robinson has proven himself to be an elitist and it's time for him to go," Bounds said.