New County Sheriff’s current actions and past under question

Photo courtesy Shooter's Edge Gun Store.

ELLIS COUNTY — Charles "Chuck" Edge will be sworn in as the new temporary Ellis County Sheriff during Tuesday's Ellis County Commissioners' Court meeting at 2 p.m. on the second floor of the Historic Ellis County Courthouse.

Although Edge's appointment didn't raise previous concerns, more information about his past and current actions have been raising concerns.

Sources have confirmed that Edge will be firing four experienced and decorated deputies after being sworn in.

All four deputies had helped previous Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown during his reelection campaign. Brown was also extremely critical of Bush during her last campaign and the two often butted heads while in office.

One deputy had previously written critical letters in 2014 to local newspapers about Ellis County Judge Carol Bush filing false affidavits in an effort to receive salary supplements from the State of Texas.

Political vendetta accusations aside, Edge has his own past to deal with while attempting to earn the trust of a new department he will be responsible for.

Further investigation shows that while Edge was Police Chief of Waxahachie during 2010, multiple officers were involved in a brutal assault of a handcuffed suspect in an interrogation room.

The alleged assault took place on July 16, 2010 but did not reach Chief Edge's attention until September 7, 2010.

Following the alleged assault, Ellis County jail staff refused to take custody of the suspect from Waxahachie Police until the suspect was sent to the hospital.

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Edge also has another black eye following his retirement from Waxahachie PD. Edge and his family owned and ran Shooter's Edge Gun Store in Waxahachie.

Criminals crashed into the store on Sunday, July 10, 2016 and stole multiple weapons.

"Our shop was burglarized and we sustained extensive damage to our building. Due to this we will be closed until further notice," Shooter's Edge stated on their Facebook page at the time.

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