Fire chief and assistant chief arrested in sex assault scandal

Fire Chief Gavin Satterfield (left) and Assistant Chief Billy Getzendaner (right) were arrested for tampering with witnesses in an alleged sexual assault incident that netted five fellow volunteer firemen.

ELLIS COUNTY — Ellis County Emergency Services District #6 Volunteer Fire Department Chief Gavin Satterfield, 31, and Assistant Chief Billy Getzendaner, 34, were arrested Thursday afternoon for tampering with a witness, a first degree felony, related to the arrests of five volunteer firemen on charges of aggravated sexual assault for an incident on January 20 in the fire station.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, both are accused of directing the involved firemen to delete video of the incident and keep their mouths shut.

The arrests of the five volunteer firemen on Monday, Lt. Keith Edward Wisakowsky; Lt. Alec Chase Miller; Blake Jerold Tucker; Casey Joe Stafford; and Preston Thomas Peyrot stem from allegations they sexually assaulted a fellow recruit using a "broom stick" and chorizo sausage.

A fifth person was also arrested on Monday on charges of improper photography or visual recording. Brittany Leanne Parten is accused of video taping the alleged assault on her cell phone.

Chief Satterfield is claimed to have said the incident was "funny shit" after watching the video.

"As a result of these acts, Emergency Services District #6 Chief Gavin Lawrence Satterfield and ESD #6 Assistant Chief William "Billy" Getzendaner held a private meeting at the ESD #6 Volunteer Fire Department. Chief Satterfield and Assistant Chief Getzendaner held the meeting inside their office. The prospective witnesses (Blake) Jerold Tucker, Casey Joe Stafford, Keith Edward Wisakowsky, Preston Thomas Peyrot, Alec Chase Miller, and (victim) John Doe #72 said Assistant Chief Getzendaner laughed and chuckled stating he saw the video and made the statement, "This is funny shit." John Doe #72 stated that Assistant Chief Getzendaner followed his statement up with, "We can't be sticking chorizo up John Doe #72's butt," the affidavit states.

Top (left to right): Keith Edward Wisakowsky, Alec Chase Miller, Blake Jerold Tucker. Bottom (left to right): Casey Stafford, Preston Peyrot, Brittany Parten.

Top (left to right): Keith Edward Wisakowsky, Alec Chase Miller, Blake Jerold Tucker.

Bottom (left to right): Casey Stafford, Preston Peyrot, Brittany Parten.

Assistant Chief Getzendaner is accused of telling the victim not to do anything about the incident and directing the accused to delete the video and keep their mouths shut.

"John Doe #72 said the prospective witnesses and Assistant Chief Getzendaner laughed at his comments together. John Doe #72 stated that Assistant Chief Getzendaner informed the prospective witnesses that John Doe #72 could do something to "us" and looked at John Doe #72, and said, "But you're not going to." John Doe #72 realized neither Assistant Chief Getzendaner nor Chief Satterfield were going to take any disciplinary actions towards the actors. Assistant Chief Getzendaner told the prospective witnesses that this could be Sexual Assault, to keep the knowledge of the sexual assault in-house, delete the video, and keep their mouths shut," the affidavit continued.

"During the interviews of the prospective witnesses, (Texas) Ranger (Adam) Sweaney and Investigator (Joe M.) Fitzgerald were informed that Assistant Chief Getzendaner and Chief Satterfield advised the actors and the victim, that if they did not heed their instructions to withhold information regarding the sexual assault from person(s) outside of the ESD #6 Fire Department, there would be consequences because law enforcement would investigate this as a Sexual Assault."

Peyrot and Miller both were interviewed by investigators and admitted to the alleged sexual assault according to the affidavit.

Chief Satterfield was booked into the Wayne McCollum Detention Center in Ellis County at 1:29 p.m. Thursday and Assistant Chief Getzendaner was booked in at 1:43 p.m. Bonds were set at $40,000 each.

All of the accused have posted bond and have been released from jail.

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