Avalon ISD names new field in honor of former superintendent

Photo courtesy Avalon ISD.
James R. Worsham served as Avalon ISD superintendent from 1968 to 1988.

AVALON — Avalon Independent School District will honor former Superintendent James R. Worsham this Friday, March 13 at 4:20 p.m. on opening day of its new baseball field.

The district has named the field James Worsham Field in honor of the iconic educator who dedicated 29 years of his life to educating Avalon students.

"A truly iconic educator in the history of Avalon ISD. The school's baseball field is named in his honor," Avalon ISD said in a written statement.

School officials state that Worsham's daughter, Charla, will be in attendance and has been asked to throw out the first pitch at the opening celebration.

Following the ceremony, Avalon will host Covington at 5 p.m. for its first home game of the season.

Worsham served as the district's fifth superintendent from 1968 to 1988. He began his Avalon ISD career in 1958 as a science teacher, boys and girls basketball and baseball coach, sponsor of the Avilion and principal before being appointed superintendent.