Red Oak ISD announces inclement weather makeup days

Photo courtesy Red Oak ISD.

RED OAK — Red Oak Independent School District has announced Friday, April 3 and Friday, May 22 as makeup days because of inclement weather that closed schools on Feb. 23 and Feb. 24.

"The district will hold school on April 3 and May 22 to make up for the two days missed in February. May 22 was already held as a possible bad weather make up day," Red Oak ISD released in a statement.

The district said that although April 3 is Good Friday, the date selection could not be avoided.

"The district sought several options to avoid holding school on April 3 as many families recognize Good Friday. However, the state has changed the protocols for districts this year. Red Oak ISD, and districts across the state, will no longer be able to exchange early release days for bad weather make up days. The state also prohibits districts from having an early release day on a bad weather make up day."

Students who observe religious holidays may be exempt from an absence if certain conditions are met.

"Please note that a student who misses school for the purpose of observing a religious holy day will be counted present if the student provides required documentation. As defined in the Red Oak ISD Student Handbook, this would require a signed note from the student’s parent/guardian stating the holy day observed," the statement said.

Red Oak ISD joins Midlothian ISD and Palmer ISD in using Good Friday as one of the two makeup days.

Midlothian ISD previously announced Friday, April 3 and Friday, May 22 as makeup days.

Palmer ISD will use Monday, April 27 and Friday, May 22 as makeup days.

Waxhachie ISD has avoided using Good Friday as a makeup day. The district will use Monday, March 16 and Friday, June 5 as makeup days along with June 3 no longer being an early release day. June 4 will be an early release day for secondary students only and June 5 will be an early release day for all grade levels.